Dr. Allard Strijker did his Final Thesis in 1996-1997 for the Department of Instrumentation Technology for which he developed a WWW-based database driven educational environment for the Dutch middle vocational schools. From 1997 to 2000 he worked as Design Consultant Tele-learning for the Faculty of Educational Science and Technology, at the University of Twente. Allard Strijker is the main designer of the TeleTOP WWW-based course-management system, now used not only throughout the faculty but also in the university, military and corporate learning contexts. Since 2000 his research has focused on the implementation of learning technology standards for the reuse of learning material in different projects. The research resulted in his dissertation  "Reuse of Learning Objects in Context: Technical and Human Aspects". For a more-detailed overview of his current work and background, see projects.

Untill 2009 his work focused on the design and development of a new Personal Learning and Working Environment for TeleTOP e-learning and involves research topics such as reuse of learning material, new media, standards for educational technology, tools for curriculum development, knowledge management, and personalisation of learning material.

Untill 2007 he worked at the University of Twente (UT) and he was Assistant Professor within  the faculty of Behavioral Sciences (GW) within the department Curriculum Design & Educational Innovation (CDEI) (Curriculumontwerp & Onderwijsinnovatie (C&O)).

He did research within the Bachelor program Education, Design, Management, and Media (EDMM) and the Master program Educational Science and Technology (EST). He also developed various courses and teached several courses in the master tracks Human Resource Development (HRD)], Learning Design & Educational Innovation (CIMA) and Technology Applications in Education and Training (TAET).

His research was related to the research institute Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT) in the Faculty of Behavioural Science formerly known as Department of Educational Instrumentation (ISM) of the Faculty of Educational Science and Technology (EDTE) also known as "Toegepaste Onderwijskunde" (TO).

On these pages you can find Contact information about me, the Dissertation, current Projects, Publications, Work experience, Courses, and information for and about graduates.

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